Joy is no longer working with individual clients. She offers sessions on mediumship and psychic development courses. See below.


Are you experiencing psychic phenomena?

Would you like to know more about your psychic gifts, how to understand them, and positively work with them?

We all have psychic abilities. Scientist are now proving that psychic abilities arise from the same place within our brain where our dreams are created. Understanding those gifts (with which we are all born) can release the fear that often exists through a lack of understanding, creating a wonderful way to work with them for the greater good of self and humanity, and bring you into a place of peace and stillness. There are six basic forms of psychic abilities from which a myriad of experiences can eventuate.

Joy offers a two day workshop on psychic abilities.

Cost: $350 – all requirements supplied including a pack of cards, journal and pen, morning and afternoon teas.

BYO lunch.

Time: 9.15am for a 9.30am start to 4.30pm closing both days.

Minimum number of people 4 – maximum 8.

The workshop will then be followed up at a later date with six weekly sessions 10am to 2pm. Each session on a particular psychic ability and all are optional. You may choose to attend all, or you may choose to only attend the ones that hold your interest.

Cost per sessions: $25

BYO Lunch.




Joy… is her name. Joy is what she came into this lifetime to learn, receive, and to give. It is her life’s purpose to help others find joy in their lives. Joy is a powerfully healing emotion that helps to open up the doors to happiness and abundance in all of its forms. True joy comes when we experience the essence of the divine, both within self and from the spirit realm.

If you are interested in bringing together 4 to 8 people, for an afternoon or evening, to experience the joy of connecting to the spirit realm, then Joy would be happy to act as a channel for you. When she works as a medium with a group of people, Joy is in partnership with 3 other beings she calls the Sacred Triad. It is not guaranteed that everyone will receive a message from loved ones or guides, but it is guaranteed that you will leave having being touched in some way by the love, grace, and power of Great Spirit.

Cost: $50 per person

Journals and pens supplied along with a cuppa.

Contact: email