Love Potions


A volume of 30 poems.



A volume of 30 poems.

From the readers

“Thank you for the book and the feelings that now engulf me. I couldn’t stop reading it! The morning has been beautifully spent. For some reason I could not help crying whilst reading, at the same time loving the beauty of the poems.”

Toni (Kurrajong Heights, NSW)

“I really enjoyed reading them [poems] – very powerful and emotional. She has a real power of communication and connection.”

Caroline Adams (Church point, NSW)

“Thank you for the book of poetry. I have read it, savoured it, cherished it, and even wept over it. I am deeply moved.”

Barbara Lamb (Claremont. CA, USA)

“I have laughed and I have cried. Your poetry is beautiful. I know you will really make a name for yourself.”

Allena (Ballarat)