You see me as an ending, but I am all that is new and pure.
That which you mourn is a memory of past endeavours,
The release of human connection.

But if you could see beyond this flimsy veil,
No longer would you fear me. The light of dawn am I
Awakening you from your slumber.

That which has caged you – the body and the ego,
From them I set you free. I am not the deep dark shadow,
I am the glorious dawn of eternity.

I am the gateway to new lands, and you, forever the explorer,
Now the weary and worn traveller, you will know me
As the radiant gift that permits entry into sublimity.


Spirit of dawning,
Help us to rise into this new day,
To find courage and strength
When hope is drifting away.

Spirit of noontime,
Lift this world out of misery.
Cast out the shadows of division.
Guide us to oneness – united humanity.

Spirit of evening,
Kiss their silent tears.
Rest your hands on weary hearts,
And ease their growing fears.

Spirit of night-time,
hold those who anxiously weep.
Guide them through black despair
To your still place, quiet and deep.


I have nothing to prove,
I have only to live.
The wisdom I gain
Is a blessing to give!

I am – that I am,
The spirit of soul,
Eternally me
Complete and whole.