Only you, my love,

red wine, myself,

and flowers in candle-light.


Only you,

the restless leaves

that dance in the sable night.

Soft eyes dewed with yearning.


Only you, my love,

your heartbeat serenade,

ebony shadowed room,

radiant embers fade.

The fleecy touch of finger tips

slide down flushed cheeks,

feather-brush my lips.


Only you, beloved,

myself bewitched

and flowers in candle-light!



The moon meets the dawn,

and the long hours of night

find closure with grey light.

I sit at the waters edge that laps,

with whispers, the stony clay,

gazing at the ground where

you lay down to take your last breath.

There is no sign now,

no flattened grass, no kicked stones.

Only the memory remains of that final breath,

and the pained look of farewell in your eyes.


My love I could not sleep. The bed

became a burden. So I have come here,

walking in moonlight to be with you.

I need you, my Darling, today I need you.

Our family and friends gather

to scatter your ashes, to remember, and

for this day alone, to cry as one.


My tears reach far beyond

the stars that now disappear.

Grey light gathers around my grey heart.

Never again will our love-play be soaked in moonlight!



Come to me. comfort me

while embers die to blackness.

Protect and hold me

to your ardent heart.

As the world recedes into ebony

and the moon climbs stairs

to her highest balcony,

wrap me in the silence of sleep.


Stars trek across the cosmic realms.

Come to me, my dream lover,

weave your magic into my heart.

Whisper only those things

the night can tell.

The goddess casts silver light

to where I lie, restlessly waiting

to feel your velvet kiss.


These hours are mine alone,

except for you, my invited guest.

You who slides into my mind and

beckons me to your gossamer arms.

My phantom man of the night,

who lingers seductively in memory

when dawn cowers night to the west,

and I am alone once more



It is so still this night.

Sleep is a wandering gypsy.

Thoughts, like children,

Bounce on a trampoline,

Loudly disturbing these dark hours.

My thoughts rampage between others dreams.

In this town alone,

How many dreams float in the ether?


When, finally, the state of delta

Transports me into other realms,

I want to meet you in that unlimited space

Our souls know so well;

In that timeless place

Where dreams become reality

And reality becomes a dream,

There we can share the bliss of love.