We may believe we are alone as we walk our chosen path
But it does not have to be that way

Welcome to Joy Brisbane’s Website

Joy has trained in nursing and Life Line counselling.

She has also completed other courses such as Theta Energy Healing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

She now combines her training as a counsellor, her life experience, and her psychic skills to help you to create intensive mindful moments toward:

Finding peace of mind and heart
Establishing direction in your life’s journey
Awakening your deeper spiritual awareness
Releasing old patterns
Regaining health and happiness

During her time with you, Joy brings to you messages from your loved ones, introduces you to your helpers/guides in the realm of Spirit, works through problems you may have… grief in its many forms, work related issues, personal difficulties, relationship issues… and helps you to explore your gifts and to discover what road you want to walk in life. (See sessions page for details)

Joy is also the author of When Do the Tears Stop?, Spirit Alliance, and Spirit Speaks.